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Why you should choose q flexi

  1. We offer up to date solutions which are expandable and flexible.

2. We make sure you have access to the fastest and most cost effective network available.

3. Choose the latest networking technology to make your business run better than ever before.

4. We offer you professional in-house or outsourced IT Support.

5. We provide multiple products and Services under one roof.

Most start-ups operate from home when starting a business, which is ideal however it becomes tricky when choosing IT and internet solutions.  Some choose the residential internet connection to save money, unfortunately limited savings often come at the expense of capabilities that can help the business to grow and thrive. To small businesses, always seek knowledge about the top benefits of high speed internet for business, and how it can help your business be more competitive and efficient.

Network Installation

Installation of switches, routers, range extenders Cable testing, fault finding & network cable repairs