Powerful security with a business VPN

Military-grade encryption for your company networks.

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Protect your organization with cutting edge cybersecurity.


Dedicated IP

Get a dedicated IP address and encrypt all internal traffic of your business for secure access to company resources.


Centralized billing

Small businesses or corporations — everyone can conveniently pay for our VPN service in one installment.


Dedicated account manager

With NordVPN for business, you will have a dedicated account manager, who will personally take care of any issues or inquiries that you may have.


User administration

Add, remove, and configure every VPN user licence of your business from a single administrator account.


License transferability

Easily transfer NordVPN user licenses from one colleague to another following any personnel changes.


Privacy compliance

Protect your company’s data with a VPN service in compliance with data privacy regulations.


Benefits for your company

Make the most of the VPN service for small and medium businesses.

Military-grade encryption

Once you connect to a VPN server, your internet traffic gets encrypted — no unauthorised third party can access your information.

Easiest VPN on the market

Easily use NordVPN for business on every major operating system: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Strict no-log policy

NordVPN does not log any of your online activities and requires no company details when purchasing our service.

Priority support 24/7

As a NordVPN business client, you get 24/7 priority customer service support from an award-winning team with a wealth of tech knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPN secures data traffic with robust encryption, so no unauthorized third parties can access sensitive information of your company. This enables you to safely share information between offices and cut the risk of data breaches, malware, and ransomware. VPN also enables your mobile workers to securely access necessary information on the go.

Set up a VPN for your business with a few simple steps:

1. Get a router that supports a VPN.
2. Set up NordVPN with a Quick Start Wizard Guide.
3. Choose your security settings.
4. Add users.
5. Connect to NordVPN.

From individual users to small businesses and corporations, anyone who wants to protect their data uses a VPN. It secures your company’s data traffic by rerouting it through an encrypted tunnel. With our VPN service, you can have safe remote access to company resources, access region-specific content, and safely connect to public Wi-Fi in hotels, airports, or conferences.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act makes institutions completely accountable for the safety of their patients’ data. NordVPN helps your practices comply with the HIPAA by implementing a secure virtual private network. It offers military-grade encryption for the data, protects it from unauthorized access, and safeguards the company’s network.

The General Data Protection Regulation obliges companies to ensure the data protection of all their clients within the EU and the EEA. NordVPN helps adhere to the regulation by providing a virtual private network. It encrypts all data within the network, safeguarding it from unauthorized access.

NordVPN helps access and monitor international advertising campaigns in countries as if you were there. Verify if the ads are running smoothly, research SEO keywords, or view geo-restricted content in specific locations. Our wide net of servers provides access to region-specific content – websites, apps, social media networks, or online tools – bypassing any online censorship. Plus, NordVPN ensures your privacy online. It hides your IP address so you can research the competition without the risk of identifying your company.

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