VOIP Security

What is SIP Brigade ?

SIP BRIGADE is a SIP monitoring software that secures your VoIP system and monitors VoIP quality. Combining powerful security and reporting modules and an advanced quality control system, this software will assure you VoIP security,quality and peace of mind. Experience being a step ahead of potential threats and your competition.

SIP Brigade Benefits

  • Increases protection and availability of VoIP against hacking and attacks on a converged network
  • Decreases likelihood of fraud and theft of VoIP services
  • Reduces costs of VoIP deployment by enabling it to work with NAT and other existing network elements
  • Simplifies extension of VoIP to remote offices and workers
  • Provides preemptive protection for both the VoIP network and the underlying infrastructure
  • Successfully monitormeasure and manage your network
  • Improve end-user perception and satisfaction
  • Proactive VoIP Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Provide consistent quality of service
  • See the quality of your VoIP connection at a glance.
  • Comprehensive alerting and reporting
  • Real-time voice stream analytics
  • Voice quality association with network performance
  • Reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • End-to-end Voice Quality monitoring
  • Pictorial views of network performance

Our VoIP Security software SIP Brigade enables you to deploy VoIP applications such as telephony or video conferencing without introducing new security threats or needing to redesign your network. Because hacking and VoIP-specific Denial of Service attacks can take IP phone services down, Q Flexi delivers an evolving solution that understands and protects against existing and new threats that may disrupt business continuity. SIP Brigade software also reduces the complexity of VoIP deployment by eliminating such common pain points as incompatibility between VoIP and NAT.

Protecting the converged network

Placing voice traffic on the data network exposes it to traditional data attacks. SIP Brigade goes beyond simple support for VoIP protocols to an awareness of how VoIP works, providing pre-emptive protection for both the VoIP network and the underlying infrastructure.

Delivering high voice quality

A major concern for VoIP deployments is maintaining the high level of voice quality people are used to from traditional phone services. SIP Brigade software integrates Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms to ensure that the quality of voice traffic is not reduced while still maintaining a high level of security.

Solving the NAT problem

Network address translation (NAT) is a common security function that is often incompatible with VoIP deployment. SIP Brigade provides the greatest range of deployment options for VoIP in a NAT environment without the use of third-party products.